Our product zones :


  • elements for cleanrooms
  • panels
  • doors
  • walls, ceilings
  • parameter measuring


  • entry doors
  • pre-glassed interior walls
  • aluminium doors (also automatic)
  • aluminium windows, roofs


  • forged products
  • gates
  • fencing
  • Jansen system
  • railings and cabinets


  • inox products (also atypical)
  • sliding windows
  • sinks
  • tables
  • shelfs
  • cabinets

About us

The main profile of our company is the production of white, varnished steel plate products, fully suitable for sanitation requirements of industries like electrical engineering, food industry, pharmaceutics and medicine. (available surface modifications in all the colours of the RAL spectre according to customer will).


The second activity of the company is complex processing of steel plates (from cutting, curving, welding up to the installation of the product)


The third activity of the company is production of stainless products for example for pharmaceutical industry (laboratories), food industry (kitchens), medical industry (hospitals) and others. We produce also atypical stainless products according to customer will – for example special portable cabins, stainless adjustable windows etc.


Other activities:

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